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The Food Channel has been servicing the food industry since 1997 and know how important it is for a manufacturer to achieve higher sales as a result of professional food and product demonstrations.  Customer interaction with professional demonstrators enhance the experience of trying new or existing products that result in a connection being formed for repeat sales well beyond the day of demonstration. Food demonstrations are available within supermarkets, exhibitions or any other suitable venue.  Our aim is to serve your product at its best and increase your sales.


How we can improve your product sales and exposure

In-store promotions and exhibitions of your product. Our competent team members are always briefed on each item including key ingredients, cooking, price and the ability to engage with your potential customers which is imperative to the result we aim to achieve for you – higher sales.

Value for money demonstrations.  Each product and manufacturer has different requirements. We work with you to find the best solution for your product. Whether you require 5 hours of demonstration in one local store, exposure in 200 stores nationwide or at specialist food exhibitions – we can tailor a package for you to suit your budget.

Easy and convenient. Everything is organised on your behalf from site or stand rental, store selection, staff, product pre-ordering, disposables and any equipment required.  Please note: the sample stock is to be provided by manufacturer for demonstrations or alternatively, we can purchase stock on your behalf at cost price and invoice you.


Costs are inclusive of the following for every product

Staff at 5 hours per store per day

Disposables such as gloves, plastic ware, cleaning equipment

Provision of 1 stand per store per day

Point of sales for product information (supplied by you)

End of day promo sales report (subject to availability from stores)

Cameras if requested for filming (additional costs may apply)


Additional costs that may apply

In-store booking fee per store

Purchase of further samples/ingredients for demo use

Travel expenses

Staff hours exceeding the usual 5 hour per shift

Incidentals and special equipment – price to be agreed

Extra promotional videos or website links and equipment required

Sales reports and feedback: You will receive an end of day store sales report that will be provided weekly where there are demonstrations followed by an end of promotion report with any feedback and comments noted by our staff from consumers.

On site surveys can be provided if you need more in depth knowledge of how a new product is being received.

Continued promotion of your product. The Food Channel can offer point of sale material from the stand on the day to on-site filming of all demonstrations for uploading to our websites and linked to your own.


What we need from you

Product information – the more you tell us the better informed our team will be to promote your product.  Key ingredients, healthy aspects, cooking and price point all come into play.

Product samples – you are to supply sufficient samples for us to promote – we can purchase the product in-store and invoice your company or you can supply directly to us. Our statistics show us that each store demo requires approximately 250 samples for tastings.

Recipes – your product may lend itself to a particular seasonal or specific dietary dish. Our qualified chefs we can work to your requirements.

Uniforms – our team members are happy to wear your branded clothing which increases consumer confidence and instills your brand into the mind of the consumer.

Scale of promotion – with our experience and knowledge of in-store demonstrations and expos around Australia we can guide you to the most cost effective budget which will result in the best exposure and increase in sales of your product.

Equipment required – once we have established the scale of your promotion, be it nationally, one expo or 2 local stores we can then calculate the equipment, samples and any on-site promotional material to suit.

Extra promotional opportunities – our marketing team can advise on continued exposure of your company or products via our website, social media and other cross promotional opportunities.

Every customer is important to us and we will tailor each case and cost accordingly.   Please contact us to arrange a telephone call or a meeting. Contact us


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